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ahhh so. I've been busy againn. and! when I finally get time to relax, can't really do much of what I want (which is going online!)
internet I think is okay? it's the computer? randomly freezes like a million times then idk. it's okay but internet gets all screwy. idky. see this is why I'm not a computer expert.
I bought my books! and were they always this much? I don't remember them being this much last year. $600 :O about. 

starting soon like next week! haha I'm kinda excited for my classes (nerd yes maybe) I love discussion classes. hopefully the professor gives interesting topics to discuss about.
oh and speaking of professors. I don't think I've ever had a good looking one? lol but my friend told me she has one. which is interesting. haha I wonder if there really are people who would be... flirting? with him? or maybe I'm just thinking weird. lol

oh watched a little of the us open today! and I was seriously worried about federer for a minute! in the first set he didn't seem like he was playing as good as he should be. but he took it all in the second set! which made me happy :D I would love to see another epic final!
okay gotta go!

today is olympics!

hmm does anyone plan on watching the olympics? I've asked a couple of my friends and they're like "probably not" loll
I kinda watched the opening ceremony though! and i noticed federer waving the swiss flag! lol how cutee. and oh! you  know what else is cute? the clothes everyone wears in the opening! i noticed nadal too! lol and they were wearing hats aww cute!

i'm glad there's world get togethers type thing like the olympics. it brings people together from every corner! yay! and hopefully no politics/gov talks. ugh. I don't think I could really stand that. haha that's why i'm not gonna major in it!

uhm short entry I know. but idk what else to write about. i'm like whee happy, mellow? lol not thinking of anything much.
okay well, i'll be going now!
ah finally updating. wow today was seriously just about the longest day at work. since i'm one of the last people there, i close everything right? well just as i was gonna close the doors, i see people coming in. when it's time to close too! ahh. i know i should be happy with business but it's so annoying! i just wanna finish up and go homeee. but no. people can't read the store hours and come in during the right time! ahh.
so i'm working tomorrow too then get the next few days off. 

oh and great. i have people asking to borrow moneyy. not gonna mention any names but it's sooo annoying. if they're gonna ask for a couple hundred, then i'm fine with it. but when you ask for a lot and don't really plan on paying it back anytime soon, it's gonna start to be a problem. i'm not rich or anything, i work, pay bills for this and that. college. money is an issue. and asking to borrow money at least like every two weeks? comee on now. wtf. just thinking about it and i'm starting to get a little upset. urgh. asldkfj

on a side note, i've been craving a smoothie mm. a really really good one lol. i've had some in the past where it hasn't been all that good and it dampens my mm that really looks delicious and should taste just as good type thing.

lol okay well going now!

Jul. 17th, 2008

hellooo. it's been a while lol. honestly I've been busy here and there. today i had to go around doing numerous errands for random people ha. and not to mention how hot it was. jeeez. i'm so picky too! i can't stand hot weather, or really cold weather. i have to get it justttt right. haha like goldie locks and the three bears? something like that.

a friend that i haven't talked to in a while is coming to town! yay! and we + two other people are gonna go eat tomorrow. i'm excited! haven't seen her in foreverr ahh. hopefully we'll do a road trip again soon. hehe.

oh talk about decency, i was at this store, and there were these two people making out, right in front of me. i don't reallly think i needed to see that. can't people keep their hormones under control at least until they get in the car. lmao

okay! well i gots ta go.
sigh. I was able to watch the first half before I went to work and germany didn't seem like they matched up to spain. awwww. and germany was my first pick tooo. oh well. spain played amazing! so yayy them! awwwwww they're sooo cuteee tooo ahhh. 

go deutschland!

So I got back from work and I watched the germany/turkey game and all I have to say is HELL YES! AH actually I have more to say. but OMG! that was AMAZING. I'm so proud of germany. all three goals were fabulous. simply beautiful. ahhh

clean up on aisle 7!

so. lmao today was .... well short to say interesting. i wasn't feeling the greatest in the world and had to go out and buy some groceries along making a few stops along the way. so i got dressed (pretty much wore sweats)
hm i think i'll try and make this shorter. just thinking about it is making me laugh

while grocery shopping in my ridicious sweats, i ran into my friends ex. which was ... well surprising. we don't live close to each other and out of all the places! lol running into each other in the aisle. haha. one word *awkward* so wave here, hi there. then off on our way! lol 

then in the same day, i ran into another friends crush. lmao i was debating on whether or not to go up and talk to him. but it was short (thankgoodness) and he left before i got to say anything. i called her up and she freaked hahaha.

with random run ins like these, it makes me wonder if i should wear nicer clothes going out instead of wearing random sweats and running into random people i wouldn't really want to. lol

well there goes my small update for now
night ; )


 hi:) first entry of this new journal!
it's gonna be interesting with school finally being done and all. maybe i'll update this regulary!
it's 11:11 right now! *wish* lol i'm so weird.
anyways um is this where i'm suppose to talk about myself? likes + dislikes? um i'm gonna do that in the second entry. i wanna try and fix up everything first



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